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Active participation of the association in the setting up of a "glassware and glassblower" documentary collection in Phalsbourg (city of Phalsbourg - municipal archives - media library) (STENGER collection (available to the public but forbidden to reproduce without authorization from donors) based on donations from family archives (continuation in 2016) (all in French)

As part of the representation of the association within the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the Vallée de la Bièvre preparation (for proposal) of a project to enhance the glass heritage in the 6 communes (out of 11 ) concerned:

- Signage in the municipalities concerned

- Development of adequate information with downloadable leaflets on the websites of the Commune Community, the OT of the Community of Communes, the sites of the various municipalities and those of CDT Moselle as that of CRT Lorraine

- Creation of a guided "glass" circuit that can be provided by the 2CV Museum including the development of adequate information to promote the product

Following the merger of the Communauté de communes de la Vallée de la Bièvre with that of Sarrebourg-sud, the study of the project is suspended for representation to the new community of communes as soon as possible.

Biennale du verre 2015: Participation of the city of Sarrebourg: Contribution to the exhibition at the Municipal Library from mid-October to Spring 2016

September: during the European Days of Patrimony, presentation of a conference "The Americans of Wingen"

May 27, 28, 29, 2015: Participation of the association at "MOHICAN Days"
Professional Days for the Protection of Historic Monuments organized by the Association of Research, Protection, Conservation and Documentation Personnel of Historic Monuments Services of the Ministry of Culture

April 2015: Screening of the film "The last breath" - Vallerysthal, at the crystal works