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October 14: Participation to "la Vallée de la Bièvre en fête"

September 28: Invitation to hold a conference on "Glass in the County of La Petite Pierre - how old?" at the general Assembly of the Historical Society of Western Alsace

29th of August: First day of preserving the oldest paper archives of the crystal work. An other 15 days will ne necessary to clean, photography and give a clean packing for a good preservation.
26th of July: from now on to contact the association : contact@vallerysthal.com

20th of July: the association, for French donators is eligible for the issue of tax deduction certificates for received donations.

10th & 12th of July: selection of location on the glass sites concerned by the "geogaching" project

4th July :

- morning: District Court of Sarrebourg (Registry of associations) for the update of the administrative situation of the association:

- afternoon: working session in Dabo at the request of the "Pays de Sarrebourg" (for the glassmaking heritage): Workshop "Valorization of the cultural heritage" for the biosphere reserve (candidature of the Pays de Sarrebourg - file presented in 2019 to the UNESCO).

July 3: Rescue of the Vallerysthal chimney:

- The association contributed to the meeting of April 12th, bringing together all the elected representatives and possible decision-makers in Vallerysthal (list of elected representatives to contact + motivation speach). Several documents had been prepared for this and that each of the elected officials received. Result: the European LEADER program should be able to provide solutions
- this resulted in a meeting of "technicians" in Vallerysthal to determine the eligibility of the chimney rescue project

- 3 July, from 18h to 21h: meeting of the GAL Moselle-sud (the committee which selects, among the projects recognized as eligible) the projects to be presented in Brussels. The association was present as a project leader (in the exclusive frame of its statutes) at the request of the head of the Vallerysthal site, and  at the request of the later made an intervention:

* presentation of the association certainly unknown for most people because in 5 years of existence it has never appealed to public generosity but achieved many things, among others the creation of glassware and glassmakers documentation center in Phalsbourg (detailed explanations)
 * advocacy for Vallerysthal
* presentation of projects 1 & 2 with a purpose of safeguarding the heritage as much as to make it live (by making it accessible to the public) by registering Vallerysthal in a European framework (route of the Arts of Fire starting in Mettlach in Germany) and worldwide (geocaching)

The manager of the Vallerysthal site received a favorable opinion within a few days.

June : reception of an American family (descendants of glassmakers of our region) and guidance in the glass country

April 14 : Our General Assembly

March 16 : Participation at the General Assembly of the "Société d'Histoire et d'Archéologie Lorraine - section de Sarrebourg" (Historical and Archeological Society of Lorraine - Chapter of Sarrebourg)

March 14 : Participation at the General Assembly of the Council of Developpement of the "Pays de Sarrebourg"

February 12 : "Glass in the Dagsburg County, how old? Possible origins". Confrence held on invitation of the  Société d'Histoire et d'Archéologie Lorraine - section de Sarrebourg (Historical and Archeological Society of Lorraine - chapter of Sarrebourg)