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Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Verrier
de Vallerysthal-Portieux
Association for the Preservation of the Glass Patrimony of Vallerysthal-Portieux

The Documentation Center "Glassworks and Glassmakers" is now a reality
with over 10000 documents available to researchers!

Regular update !

a new project is at a preparatory stage (more to come soon). Creation of a Glass Museum of the Bièvre Valley but not only. 5 municipalities of the valley have History bound to glass + Troisfontaines/Vallerysthal bound to glass since 300 years...

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The crystal works of Vallerysthal begining of the 20th-century

After numerous difficulties the last furnace of the Crystalworks of Vallerysthal-Portieux was putted out in September 2012.

 The Glassworks of Vallerysthal,  permitted through an Executive Order from the King on 1838, May 17. The premicies of Vallerysthal have been created by Baron de Klinglin,  it was a prestigious enterprise.

 Her production was receiving very high marks by the rulers of Europe. The works have been present in all artistic tendancies of the time. In 1986 was officialy aknowledged that the works are producing the purest crystal, Artworks of Armand and Cesar came also to life in Vallerysthal as well as a contemporary line of products.

In September 2012 a group of dedicated people created the "Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Verrier de Vallerysthal-Portieux". The aim is to bring its share to the preservation of the patrimony, the know-how and the traditions of the glasmaker. Also to protect the numerous archives and the 30000 model stored on the site


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Touristic documentation on the Bièvre Valley

Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Verrier de Vallerysthal-Portieux - 5 rue des Charmes - 57560 ABRESCHVILLER France


last update 2016, June 18