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Published works
The age of glass in Dabo County and its possible origins - Editor: SHAL - Sarrebourg
The antiquity of glass in the county of La Petite Pierre and its possible origins - Editor: SHAB

Reissue by the association of the work "The Bièvre valley through images - Biberkirch, Troisfontaines, Vallerysthal from the origin to the last war". Subscription is open! The reissue will only be possible with a sufficient number of registrants.

Participation to the General Assembly of the APN (Amicale du Patrimoine de Niderviller)

February 16, 2024

Good morning,


The European Crafts Days will take place during the first week of April 2024.

For the Pays de Sarrebourg, the JEMA (April 5 to 7, 2024) will take place at the Convent of Saint Ulrich.

Program in French

The Association for the Protection of Glass Heritage will present the life of the “kids” in the glassworks: the evolution of their journey from the difficult times of the 18th century to access to diploma training (1950s and following in Vallerysthal among others).


The Association is launching an appeal to senior alumni:

     * You started in glassmaking as a “kid”,
     * The Vallerysthal glassworks (in particular under the direction of Mr. Joseph STENGER) allowed you to access diploma training (CAP glassmaker, CAP tailor, etc.)


The association asks you to:

     * A written testimony of what your journey was (maximum 2-3 pages)
     * Loans of photos, documents, etc., for the exhibition, which will be scanned and immediately returned to you
     * Ready for the time of the exhibition of tools used in their time by kids especially and glassmakers
     * A presence on our stand Saturday and Sunday to testify and explain based on the photos and documents exhibited (maximum 3 people in relay)
     * Contacts with colleagues from ancient times to whom you can convey this message.


thank you and see you soon



President of the Association for the Preservation of the Glass Heritage of Vallerysthal-Portieux